Even the disadvantaged have talent


A talent is not a privilege of the privileged. A person from a disadvantaged background with a talent for education, sports or the arts will only realize their ability if they are given the right opportunity.

Children living at the various projects managed by the Father Ray Foundation are given time to take up a hobby and if someone shows a talent they are encouraged to pursue their interests.

Several residents have shown they are so talented in painting they have been commissioned to produce paintings and many works have been sold at different auctions in Pattaya.

Father Peter accepts the cheque from the Bangkok students.Father Peter accepts the cheque from the Bangkok students.

Seeing the level of professionalism in the art of children living at the Father Ray Children’s Home several students from the Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok came up with an idea of selling Christmas cards which were designed by the children.

A masterpiece.A masterpiece.

While the children were making their designs the Bangkok students contacted companies throughout Thailand and asked them to sponsor the printing of the cards, with the promise that their company’s logo would appear on each card.

So popular were the finished designs the first batch sold out within days. Working overtime the print shop produced thousands of cards which saw them being sent all over the world.

Several companies were so impressed with the collaboration between the Bangkok students and the Pattaya residents they made additional donations.

On the first Sunday of the school holidays the children of the Father Ray Foundation gathered together for a day of arts and crafts. More than two hundred children, from two years of age to those in their late teens, painted on canvases, decorated sculptures and learned new skills.

At the same time the students from Ruamrudee International School traveled down to Pattaya to present to the Father Ray Foundation the proceeds of the sale of the Christmas cards. A cheque for 1,000,000 baht was presented to Father Peter, president of the Father Ray Foundation, who declared the money will be used to provide a space where the children can practice their hobbies and interests.

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Pink seemed to be the favourite colour of the day.Pink seemed to be the favourite colour of the day.

The blind students showed their beading skills.The blind students showed their beading skills.

The girls from the Drop-In Center showed a lot of talent.The girls from the Drop-In Center showed a lot of talent.

Even the teachers got involved.Even the teachers got involved.

How much for this masterpiece.How much for this masterpiece.

The children with special needs joined in the fun.The children with special needs joined in the fun.