BCCT getting up to Shenanigans


As 2010 in now in Q4, many members of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) were looking forward to 2011 and hopefully some political stability in this coming year. However, with elections “some time” in the new year there are still hurdles to cross for the business world.

Dr. Iain Corness (left) chats with Kelley D. Ritchey (right), Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business at Asian University.

Chris Thatcher (the Sutlet Group) addressed the crowd at Shenanigans Avenue and introduced Ian Hamilton, one of the sponsors for the BCCT networking with Ticon, suppliers of factories and warehousing logistics.  Business Development manager Ian Hamilton spoke briefly on the position Ticon had taken in Thailand, and their concept was to offer much more than just warehouse buildings, but purpose built warehousing designed to cope with the type of logistics the company used, and the size and number of items to be held there.

With Graham Macdonald, the chairman of the BCCT being in the UK, it was left to the executive director, Greg Watkins, to move around the room and ensure everyone was able to find the kind of business representatives they needed to network with, and in this he was aided by Simon Matthews of Manpower and the strange shirts.

One man with the product all the Brits love was Paul Markham, one of the partners in the Village Chippy, purveyors of genuine British fish and chunky chips.  The Chippy is soon to branch out with another cuisine concept, as yet highly secret, but will be called the Village Chinky.

In an exclusive interview with Pattaya Mail TV, Peter Smith from AA Insurance Brokers said that the economic downturn had altered the profile of his customers, with now more Thais realizing the advantages of insurance, and not just waiting for the next life for things to be better.  There had also been a down-scaling of insurance portfolios with many looking for cheaper plans until the economy really picked up.

With many of the Automotive Focus Group coming to the BCCT function after their own meeting, the Shenanigans venue was quite packed, with the archetypal British brand of Rolls-Royce represented by MD Ewen McDonald (Glasgow) and Kari Williams (Nottingham).

The next BCCT networking evening will be November 19 at Horseshoe Point and is one function not to be missed.

(L to R) Joe Barker-Bennett, managing director of JMBB Consulting Co. Ltd.; Andrew Davis; and Randy Simmons, director of CHS-Asia Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Chris Thatcher, Richard Bunch, Nick Halliwell, and Greg Watkins.

(L to R) Peter Smith, director of AA Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.; Nam; and Dr. Iain Corness.

(L to R) John Howarth, senior consultant for Montpelier, and Shaun Burke, branch manager Thailand of Cromwell-Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

(L to R) Kelley D. Ritchey, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business at Asian University; and Dr. Salam Amir Hoshang, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business and Head of the MIS Department at Asian University.

Kylie and Rosanne brighten the evening.

(L to R) Renita Bromley, committee member and treasurer of the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes; Dr. Valerie McKenzie, managing director of Thana Burin Asia Pacific Ltd.; Kylie; and Kari Williams, business development manager for Thailand, Laos & Cambodia of Rolls-Royce (Thailand) Limited.

(L to R) Mike Diamente, George T. Strampp and Peera Thaweechart.

(L to R) Richard Bunch, Nick Halliwell, Dr. Iain Corness, and Simon Matthews.

(L to R) Nattawan Tamsittipol from Thana Burin Asia Pacific; Dr. Valerie McKenzie, managing director of Thana Burin Asia Pacific Ltd.; Alan S. Verstein; and Kasemsri K Eufemio, Public Affairs Director for Thana Burin Asia Pacific Ltd.

(L to R) Simon Dutton, publican at Shenanigans; Ann; and Louis J. Van den Bergh, CEO of 4A Properties.