An essential part of life is provided by Pattaya Sports Club


There are 90 plus schools in and around Pattaya, which includes 11 major schools in the city. But many are situated in isolated areas and the children come from poor families struggling to make ends meet. Many find it difficult to provide everything a child needs to complete their education, which includes compulsory uniforms. Wat Nong Gate Noy School is but one example and Pattaya Sports Club were asked if we could help to solve a big problem that concerned their drinking water.

There are 600 students at the school and, when an extension is complete, the problem becomes even greater for there will be a further 150 children attending lessons. Clean drinking water is so important for everyone, particularly young children whose bodies are still developing, so the decision to improve the situation was not difficult for the PSC Committee to make.

The new tank is installed.The director and children say thank you to PSC.

At first glance the problem became obvious: the existing system did not work and there was no drinking water. The filters had passed their sell by date, the taps and the refrigerated water was facing the sun most of the day and the taps had broken. But we noticed something that could help solve the problem – there were no taps to supply drinking water but there were 12 taps that provided water to enable the children to wash their hands and face but not suitable for drinking.

The children are ready for lunch.The children are ready for lunch.

New filters were installed and connected to the row of existing washing taps. The existing filters were replaced and additional taps were installed which will provide the children with the opportunity to avail themselves of drinking water at both ends of the school. A roof is to be built to protect the refrigerated tank from the sun’s rays.

The new tank is installed.The new tank is installed.

Noy of the YWCA was present as were representatives of PSC to be welcomed by the director and most of the children. It is a joy to experience the gratitude shown by everyone at the school for the efforts put in by PSC and YWCA in providing an essential part of everyday life in Thailand.

The old tank will be disposed of.The old tank will be disposed of.

The new filters are attached to 11 existing taps which were used for washing.The new filters are attached to 11 existing taps which were used for washing.