93 friends turn up for Archie’s 93rd birthday bash


September 22, 2015 marked another complete journey around the sun for one of the oldest expats in Pattaya. Archie Dunlop celebrated his 93rd birthday at Baan Souy Resort and, in accordance with his age, Archie invited exactly 93 guests to attend his fabulous celebration. The birthday bash was hosted by James Brabham, a generous and well-known friend of Archie who divides his time between Pattaya and the UK.

The night kicked off with reception drinks in the lobby area at Baan Souy. Most of the guests were local expats, accompanied by their Thai partners, as well as guests from Bangkok and overseas. All were given a chance to take photos of the 93-year-young birthday boy who was sitting with a group of young men from the Funny Boys. The atmosphere was full of fun as old and new friends could meet and greet each other on the special occasion, with the addition of a warm welcome by Baan Souy’s general manager, Jim Lumsden and his hard working staff.

At 93 Archie expertly wields a cake-cutting knife.

The main area was set next to the pool where seating for the 93 guests was allocated. It was actually raining a bit that night, but it didn’t spoil anything, nor did it stop the people from enjoying the party. This year’s catering was provided by Poseidon, which included a great set-up of tasty seafood, salads and sweets, accompanied by the free flow of wine that came streaming into the glasses of guests, thanks again to the hard working staff at Baan Souy Resort.

What an entrance! Archie is gently lifted onto the stage.

Archie later made his way to the show area, accompanied by the Funny Boy staff, to make his annual speech to thank all friends and guests for attending his 93rd. He also made a remark that he is looking forward to holding his 94th birthday party next year.

The usual entertainment kicked off with Richard Taylor singing some of his oldies, before Madame Jim appeared in his fabulous shiny outfit, making a change to the atmosphere. The entertainment included the special appearance of Jason Sutton, probably best known as his drag personality ‘Miss Jason’, who has been entertaining audiences across the UK for the past 13 years. Jason flew into Thailand particularly for the occasion, and he rocked the crowd with his adult jokes.

James Brabham and Sunan pose with Archie and the entertainers from Funny Boys.

It was yet another fabulous celebration for Archie’s birthday and he has already made plans for his 94th, as he confirmed to his friends again while he was cutting his cake. It was a great night, with good vibes, delicious food, and entertainment.

Still active, mobile and humorous, Archie continued his celebrations in Malaysia with a group of friends. What exactly is his secret for being so healthy for all these years? The only remark that most people would remember is that, ‘1922 was a vintage year’ said Archie. He’s obviously done more cruises than anybody that we youngsters could ever imagine, not to mention all the countries he has visited over his traveling years (which he still is). Happy Birthday Archie and many more to come!

The inimitable Madame Jim vowed the masses with her glamour and style.

Miss Jason took the revelers by storm.

Some of the 93 friends who were at Baan Souy to celebrate Archie’s 93rd birthday.