Police at checkpoints may be punished over road accidents


Bangkok – The Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police has said he is considering punitive measures against officers operating in areas where a high rate of accidents take place during the New Year holidays.

Pol Gen Sriawara Rangsiphramnakul says that police officers at 60 checkpoints across the country may be subject to punitive measures if avoidable accidents occur at or near their posts. He has instructed them to be proactive in dealing with drunk drivers and other such dangerous motorists.

Elsewhere, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha has asked that citizens drive carefully and ensure their own safely during the holiday, reminding motorists that they must respect traffic laws by driving in an orderly fashion and remaining sober. He said more checkpoints are to be set up along minor roads that have seen a high incidence of accidents, while rest stops are to be added to encourage travelers to take breaks. The PM impressed upon the police force that they cannot use the period to take advantage of citizens.