Crowds Witness Partial Solar Eclipse on Boxing Day


BANGKOK, Dec 26  –Thai people gathered at locations nationwide on Thursday to watch the partial solar eclipse on the Boxing Day.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand provided services for astronomy enthusiasts and students at Princess Sirindhorn Astropark in Chiang Mai, the Chachoengsao Northeastern Regional Observatory, along with the Regional Observatory for the Public in Nakhon Ratchasima and in Songkhla.

While people in many countries such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia watched a full solar eclipse, people in Thailand experienced a partial one.  In Bangkok, around midday the moon partly obscured 56 percent of the Sun.

Students and astronomy started to gather in the morning as the phenomenon begins and peaked around noon.

Yala in the southernmost point of Thailand witnessed the most spectacle phenomenon, with the moon set to eclipse 81% of the Sun.

In Songkhla, just north of Yala, a number of students flocked an observatory to watch the moon eclipsed nearly 80% of the Sun.

The National Astronomical Research Institute has given instructions and guidelines for viewing the solar eclipse with a caution against direct viewing.