Bangkok launches ambulances certification campaign


BANGKOK, 17 August 2019 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has launched a check-up campaign affecting ambulances and emergency medical vehicles, branding certified vehicles with six-pointed stars, ensuring preparedness for 24-hour emergency medical services.

Staff of the Erawan Emergency Medical Center Bangkok have inspected ambulances and emergency medical vehicles as part of the certification campaign this year. Vehicles passing the inspection will have a six-pointed star sticker placed on them, with the text Bangkok EMS and the year of inspection. The inspection covers checks for the readiness of onboard equipment and vouches that the vehicle’s condition is in keeping with approved standards, ensuring its capacity to serve the general public in cases of medical emergency.

The Governor of Bangkok Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang said today the Medical Service Department this year had checked and certified all high-level emergency medical vehicles in 9 zones since July, with 150 vehicles inspected. The department will be completing its inspection of some 1,000 standard ambulances and emergency vehicles by the end of September, raising the confidence of the general public.

The general public can make a request for emergency medical assistance at any time by calling the Erawan Center 1669.