You want fries to go with that?


It used to be, many years ago in the UK, that Friday was fish and chips night, so for all the home cooks, here is the perfect chip recipe. Chips are a European staple; however, there are many different styles of chip, ranging from the commercialized “French” fries to the British chunky chip. Adding to the mystique is the fact that the Belgians have laid claim to inventing the humble chip! And the history books show that the Belgians laid claim first!

Cooking Method

Cut the potatoes into chips (your selection of thin or hefty) and soak in cold water to remove excessive starch. Drain and pat completely dry with a clean tea towel – essential for a crisp finish.

Blanche the chips frying at 170 C for 4-6 minutes and lift out just as they start to color.

Raise the heat to 190 C and then plunge the chips back into the oil for a further 2-3 minutes until golden brown.

Drain the chips on absorbent paper and season lightly with salt.