Two Color Pork Balls


A simple and easy recipe for an appetizer.  Having the different colors just adds a little mystery.  Remember to provide cocktail forks (or tooth picks) so your guests don’t get greasy fingers!  You can pre-prepare the pork mixture and then cook after the guests arrive.

Ingredients Serves 4
Pork mince ½ kg
Salt 1 tspn
White of 1 egg
Corn flour 1 tbspn
Sherry 1 tbspn
Cooking oil 2 tbspns
Pepper ¼ tspn
Tomato ketchup 2 tbsp

Cooking Method

Mix pork, salt, egg white, corn flour, sherry, oil and pepper thoroughly.

Divide mixture in two and mix the ketchup with one portion, giving it a red color.  With a spoon or an ice cream scoop form into balls.

Heat oil in deep pan and fry the pork balls in hot oil over moderate heat.  When done, remove the balls from oil and drain.

Place on a plate and serve with cucumber, cabbage, spring onion and a sauce made by mixing ketchup with salt and pepper.