The skipper’s favorite pork


This recipe comes from a real skipper’s mate, Sue Bett, who wrote a book for cooks on board yachts. They are deliberately easy with the minimum of ingredients but still have a little gourmet touch to them. You can substitute Gruyere cheese for cheddar if you prefer, or if you want to be really courageous, try some gorgonzola! The mustard is also of your choosing. With pork, the secret is not to cook too long or the meat will dry out.

Cooking Method

With a pulverizer, beat the pork fillets till they are around 1 cm thick all over. In a heavy based frying pan, without oil, lightly brown both sides of the fillets and place in an oven dish. In a bowl, combine all the other ingredients and spread over the pork fillets. Place in a warm to moderate oven for around 30 minutes or until the cheese turns bubbly and golden. Serve with mashed potatoes, even ‘instant’ with some butter and chopped onion folded in.