Thai noodle soup


Kwiteo Nam (Thai noodle soup) really is the fuel that keeps Thailand going.  Roadside vendors will produce this for you in around one minute at very reasonable prices.  The main noodle styles are “sen lek” (thin), “sen yai” (wide), “sen mee” (AKA bamee egg noodles) and “Mama” (the wriggly noodles).

The recipe is simple and after you perfect it, you can set up at the roadside yourself!

Ingredients Serves 4
Noodles (soaked) 200 gm
Pork (minced) 200 gm
Fish balls (any supermarket) 200 gm
Bean sprouts 150 gm
Coriander (chopped) 2 tbspns
Shallots (chopped) 1
Garlic (chopped, fried) 1 tbspn
Fish sauce 50 mls
Ground white pepper ½ tspn
Sugar 1 tspn
Chicken stock 1.5 liters

Cooking Method

Boil up the stock and add the fish balls, pork, fish sauce and sugar.  After 2 minutes add the noodles and bean sprouts in a net spoon and cook for another 2 – 3 minutes.  Now add the shallot, coriander and garlic.

Fish out the sprouts and noodles and place into bowls, then add the fish balls and minced pork.  Top up with the soup stock and sprinkle a little white pepper on top.  Thai style it is served with some more fish sauce, some chilli powder, sugar and sliced red chilli in vinegar.