Spicy Salmon Salad


All very health-giving this week with an easily prepared salad with plenty of Omega-3 fatty acid from the salmon.  The recipe calls for a quick grill of the salmon, but you can buy salmon pre-cooked.

Ingredients Serves 4
Salmon steak, cubed 200 gm
Lime juice 1 tbspn
Dried chili powder 1 tspn
Sugar 1 tspn
Fish sauce 1 tbspn
Dried rice grains, powdered 1 tspn
Red shallots, fresh, chopped 5 bulbs
Lemon grass, sliced and fried 3 stems
Red shallots, sliced and fried 3 bulbs
Coriander, chopped as garnish
Green onion, chopped 1 tbspn
Kaffir lime leaf chopped 3 leaves

Cooking method

Quickly cook the salmon steak in a pan, turning frequently so as not to overcook and then allow to drain.  Make sure all bones are removed.

Mix sugar, lime juice, dried chili powder and fish sauce in a large bowl.  Then add powdered rice, fresh red shallots, salmon steak meat and mix well.  Add green onion, kaffir lime leaves, mix gently then put on the plate.  Top the mixture with fried red shallots and lemon grass.  Serve with fresh vegetables such as string bean, cucumber, basil leaf, garlic, and chili and jasmine rice.