Spicy Prawns


Prawns are plentiful in Thailand, especially in the Pattaya/Eastern Seaboard region and this recipe works well with large (tiger) prawns.  For non-Thai guests I suggest you remove heads, tails and shells and devein by running a sharp knife down the back and removing the dark vein.  Spiced salt can be bought at supermarkets.

Cooking Method

Soak prawns in cold water for five minutes, drain and season with half the spiced salt and leave to drain for another 15 minutes and then sprinkle on the corn flour.

Heat oil and fry garlic for half a minute, then add prawns until pink and cooked through.  Do not overcook!

Add chilli, spring onion and the remainder of the spiced salt and stir for half a minute then serve hot.

Ingredients Serves 4-6
Large fresh prawns 16
Red chilli sliced thin 1
Spring onion sliced thin 2
Spiced salt 2 tspn
Garlic chopped 4 cloves
Corn flour 2 tspn
Cooking oil 6 tbspns