Simply the best – Tom Kha Gai


I have been asked for this recipe before, so here it is.  It came from a simple country girl who went to work for a restaurateur. He found that her soup was better than his!

There is a small “catch” in the back of the throat attests to the chili content, but the coconut milk smooths this out.

Cooking Method

Put coconut milk and Tom Kha paste into a pot and bring to the boil – about 2 minutes.

Add chicken breast pieces and bring to the boil again over a medium heat – about 5 minutes.

Add the rest of the ingredients, other than the coriander, and boil for another 2 minutes over medium heat.

This can be served immediately, if in a hurry, or allowed to simmer for a while to enhance the spiciness.

Sprinkle the coriander over the soup just before serving.

Ingredients Serves 4
Sliced chicken breast fillet 500 gms
Tom Kha paste (Lobo) 1 packet
Coconut milk (cream) 600 ml
Lemongrass cut into 1 cm pieces 1 small stick
Lemon or lime juice 10 ml
Chili (chopped, no seeds) 2 medium
Fish sauce 50 ml
Sugar 3 tspns
Lime leaves 1
Water 1 cup
Straw mushrooms (whole, canned) 50 gm
Coriander (fresh, shredded) 1 tbspn