Pulled Pork with a little extra


I believe this is originally an American way of presenting pork, and it certainly is a very flavorsome way.  Warning – it takes several hours to cook, so you need a slow cooker and patience, even though the actual preparation does not take long!

Cooking method

Trim pork of any excess fat.  Scatter onion over bottom of slow cooker and place pork on top.  Add broth, cover and cook on low until very tender, about 8 hours.  Remove meat and let cool.

When cool enough to handle, pull meat into thin shreds using two forks, removing all fat and gristle.  Skim excess fat from liquid in slow cooker.

Return pulled pork to slow cooker and stir in barbecue sauce, mustard, honey and soy sauce.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cook for 1 hour longer on low.  Serve with Panini bread with sides of pinto beans, corn, tomatoes and coleslaw.

Boneless pork shoulder, skin and excess fat removed 1.4 kg
Onion, chopped 1
Chicken broth ½ cup
BBQ sauce 2 cups
Mustard 2tbspns
Honey 2 tbspns
Soy sauce 1 tbspn
Salt and pepper