Pork Sate from Singapore


Singapore is another of the SE Asian countries that is well known for its food.  Satays are just about available on every street corner, and this is one of the best recipes for this appetizer.  You can of course substitute beef or chicken for the pork.

Cooking method

Take the pork and cut into thick strips (you can pound the pork a little flat, but not to the point of the meat starting to shred).

In the blender put the lemon zest, onions, garlic, soy sauce, oil, cumin, turmeric and salt and grind to a puree, then add the finely ground peanuts.

In a Ziploc bag place the pork and the puree and leave in the refrigerator for two hours, turning every half hour.

Soak the wooden sate sticks in water for 20 minutes and then spear the pork pieces, two or three to a stick.

BBQ over charcoal until cooked, and then serve hot.

Ingredients Serves 4-6
Pork loin 500 gm
Lemon zest 1 piece
Onions, medium, chopped 2
Garlic chopped 1 clove
Light soy sauce 1 tbspn
Peanut oil 2 tbspns
Cumin ground 1 tspn
Turmeric ground 1 tspn
Salt 1 tspn
Roasted peanuts finely ground 3 tbspns