Pork Omelet


A universal favorite, this recipe is derived from Thailand, so is slightly spicy.  If your dinner guests are not partial to spiciness, reduce the amount of garlic.

Cooking Method

Heat the oil in a small pan and fry garlic for one minute.  Add minced pork and sauté over moderate heat, season with soy sauce and stir in the chopped capsicum.  Remove from heat.

In another pan, oil lightly then pour in beaten eggs.  Cook on moderate heat until eggs begin to set, then add the pork, capsicum and chopped spring onion on the top, season to taste, then roll up and place in the center of a prepared warm plate and surround with tomato and cucumber.

Ingredients Serves 1

Vegetable oil 1 ½ tbspns

Garlic minced 1 clove

Lean pork, minced 60 gm

Light soy sauce 3 tspns

Green and red capsicum  6 slices chopped

Eggs 2

Spring onion chopped 1

Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

Coriander springs fresh as garnish

Tomato and cucumber slices

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