Oyster Shots


Many years ago Jameson’s Irish Pub featured a Khun Ocha’s recipe (prawns in cognac), so here is one based on the Jameson’s oyster shot recipe, but this is a rather more potent version!  Don’t let the children try this at home!  It does call for freshly shucked oysters, but bottled oysters are quite suitable (just don’t tell anyone)!

Ingredients Makes 12 oyster shots
Crushed rock salt, for coating the glass rims
Oysters, freshly shucked, with their liquor 12
Tomato juice chilled 1 cup
Red bell pepper minced 2 tbspns
Coriander leaf finely chopped 1 tspn
Parsley leaves finely chopped 1 tspn
Shallots finely chopped 1 tspn
Tequila 330 ml

Cooking method

Crush the rock salt and moisten the rims of 12 shot glasses with water, then dip each glass in the salt to coat the rims.  Put an oyster into each shot glass.

In a medium bowl, combine the tomato juice, red bell pepper, shallots, coriander, and parsley.  Pour one tablespoon of the tomato juice mixture into each of the 12 shot glasses over the oysters.

Pour the tequila into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake to chill the tequila.  Add about two tablespoons of tequila to each of the shot glasses.  Serve immediately and sit down after two.