Orange Ginger Sauce


A few weeks ago the Dining Out Team visited the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and enthused over the Orange Ginger sauce created by Executive Chef Walter Thenisch.  This was served with pan fried Dory fillets and elevated the fish to dizzy heights of culinary delight.

With a little coaxing, Walter was prepared to give the readers of the Pattaya Mail the following recipe for his fabulous sauce.  It is not difficult to make and all the ingredients are available locally.

The other little secret gleaned from Walter was that this sauce is able to be used with Chicken Supreme or Veal Escalope as well.

Cooking Method

In a pan reduce the orange juice by one third over a medium heat.

Add the sherry, white wine and season to taste.

Turn down to a low heat and add the cream and the lemon, thickening with cornstarch till the consistency is smooth.

Pour on the plate and place the fish, chicken or veal on it, then pour the remainder over the top.

Ingredients (makes 500 ml)
Orange Juice 600 ml
Ginger (pickled) 30 gm
Lemon slices 2
Sherry 30 ml
White Wine 50 ml
Cream (35%) 50 ml
Cornstarch 20 gm
Salt and Pepper To taste