Mela Cotta con salsa d’arancia e gelato


(A New Year’s dessert)

Language is a most wonderful medium.  You have to admit that the Italian name for today’s recipe is much more romantic and appetizing than “Apples in orange sauce with almonds and ice cream.”  This is a recipe given to me by chef Luigi Fadda.

All the ingredients are available at your local supermarket.  The end result is not available from your local supermarket’s freezer however.

Ingredients (Serves two)
Apples (sliced) 160 gm
White sugar 60 gm
Butter 40 gm
Orange juice 120 ml
Grand Marnier 2 tspns
Almonds (sliced, roasted) 40 gm
Vanilla ice cream 100 gm
Lemon juice 2 tspns

Cooking Method

Peel, core and slice the apples and place in a bowl of water with some lemon juice to prevent discoloration.

In a pan place the sugar and butter, add apples and sauté for three minutes.

Add the orange and Grand Marnier and cook for two minutes.

Place on plates, sprinkle with roasted almonds and top with ice cream.

The Taste Test:  Magnifico!  You can almost taste the orangey-Grand Marnier flavor while reading the recipe!  This just has to be the ideal, and easily made, dessert for New Year’s dinners.  Your guests will clamor for more, so make extra!