Loaded Potato Skins


This recipe belonged to Sam Lehmann, formerly the executive chef with the Amari group here in Pattaya.  This dish is a great snack with the secret in the pre-cooking that you do when you have a little time to spare.  Do this one properly and you really will amaze your friends who will wonder how you can produce this tasty dish in so short a time.

Ingredients Serves 2-4
Baked potato 300-350 gm
Sour cream 100 gm
Salt to taste
Ground pepper to taste
Grated cheese mix 80 gm
Bacon (chopped) 40 gm
Spring onions (chopped) 5gm

Cooking Method

Bake the potato in the oven in the usual way.

When cool, cut it in half and then scoop out the potato, leaving the potato skins.

Deep fry potato skins at 180 degrees C.  Remove from oil and drain upside down.

When cool, sprinkle with salt and pepper and fill with sour cream.  Top with cheese, cover the tray with cling film and refrigerate.

Now, when the gang comes over, whip them out of the fridge, place under the salamander until the cheese is melted and crispy and the potato skin is hot.

Top with the warm bacon and spring onions.