Korean Prawn and Bell Peppers


With all the ‘Korea’ fever evident with Korean soaps such as “Jang Goom” and the love for Korean Boy Bands, a Korean recipe is called for.  This is quite easy to prepare and cook and is an authentic Korean item.  As with all stir-fries, be careful not to overcook.

Ingredients Serves 4
Prawn meat 500 gm
Green bell peppers (capsicum) 2
Red bell peppers 1
Vegetable oil 2 tbspns
Onion (large, chopped) 1
Garlic, chopped fine 2 cloves
Light soy sauce 2 tbspns
Corn flour 2 tbspns
Salt to taste

Cooking Method

Remove shell, de-vein and chop prawn meat.  Wash and remove seeds from inside of the bell peppers and then cut into thin strips.

Mix the corn flour with two tablespoons of cold water and set aside.

In the wok, heat the oil and stir-fry the prawn meat for one minute.  Then add onion, garlic and bell peppers and stir-fry for three minutes.

Add 250 ml boiling water, add salt and soy sauce and cook for one minute.  Now slowly add the corn flour mixture to thicken the liquid in the wok and slowly cook for another three minutes.

Pour into a warmed serving dish and garnish with chopped coriander or spring onion.