Hot Avocado Dogs for Kids


When dealing with any recipes using avocados there is always a problem in deciding if the fruit is ripe under the hard green skin.  Many markets sell avocados that are hard and unripe, because they’re less likely to bruise and spoil.  If the avocado is rock hard, it will need a few days to ripen.  If an avocado yields slightly to gentle pressure, it is ripe enough to slice.  If pressing the fruit leaves a small dent, it is too ripe to slice, but is suitable for guacamole.  If pressing leaves a large dent, the fruit is overripe, and the flesh will have darkened and spoiled.  Hard avocados ripen at room temperature in three to six days.

Cooking Method

Combine bell pepper, onion, vinegar, sugar, salt and ground black pepper; gently stir in chopped avocado to make the avocado relish.

Cook hot dogs over medium heat in a large skillet, turning once.

Spread cut sides of buns with mustard.  Place hot dogs in buns; spoon avocado relish on top and serve.

Ingredients Serves 8
Avocado 1
Red bell pepper chopped 1
Onion chopped 1/2 cup
Cider vinegar 2 tbspns
Sugar 1tbspn
Salt 1/2 tspn
Ground black pepper 1/4 tspn
Hot dog sausages 8
Hot dog buns 8
Yellow mild mustard 1/2 cup