Hor Mok Talay


(Steamed seafood curry)

This is a very typical Thai dish and is generally on the menu of all seafood restaurants.  All the ingredients are available at the local markets, though if you are not too fluent in the Thai language, take a native Thai speaker with you.  Although the recipe calls for sea perch, any white fish will do.

Ingredients Serves 4
Prawns de-shelled, deveined 100 gm
Squid bite-sized pieces 100 gm
Crabmeat 100 gm
Sea perch sliced fillet 100 gm
Kaffir lime leaf finely sliced 1 tbspn
Coconut cream 3 cups
Fish sauce 2 tspns
Sweet basil leaves 2 cups
Shredded cabbage 3 cups
Red chilli thinly sliced 2 tbspn
Hor-mok chilli 2 tbspn

Cooking Method

Pound the Hor-mok chilli into a paste and add 2 ½ cups of the coconut cream in a bowl and stir well.  Add the prawns, squid, crabmeat, and sea perch and stir gently to mix well, adding fish sauce to taste.  Make a bed of sweet basil leaves and shredded cabbage in the bottom of a large bowl and spoon the seafood mixture onto this.  Pour the remaining ½ cup of coconut cream on top and sprinkle with chilli and kaffir lime leaf.

Place the bowl in a steamer in which the water is boiling and steam over high heat for about 15 minutes.  Remove from the steamer and it is ready to eat.