Grilled Chicken Yakitori style


This is a traditional Japanese dish, but all the ingredients are available here, even the sake.  The chicken is BBQ’d several times, with steeping in a marinade in between.  The sugar and ginger gives the chicken a very different taste, almost caramelizing the outer surface.

Ingredients serves 2-3
Chicken thighs 6
Sake 1/2 cup
Dark soya sauce 1/3 cup
Sugar 60 gm
Powdered ginger 2 tspns
Cucumber 1 small
Salt to taste
Skewers 6

Cooking method

Wash chicken thighs, wipe dry and insert skewers along the bone.  Cook over a charcoal BBQ or under the grill until partially cooked.

Mix sake, soya sauce and sugar and pour into a wide flat bowl.  Lay chicken things in the marinade for 5 minutes, then turn over and leave for another five minutes.

Now return to the BBQ and cook for two minutes each side.  After this, return to the marinade and repeat the marinade process.  Now complete the final BBQ grilling while brushing the remaining marinade over the chicken thighs, to produce a dark shiny glaze.  Sprinkle with the powdered ginger.

Shred the cucumber and sprinkle with salt and serve the chicken thighs on small plates and garnish each with a mound of cucumber.