Fries to go with that?


We have all heard of French fries – but what about Belgian ones?

Read a book called “De oorsprong van de Frieten” (The Roots and Origins of Chips). It mentions Fritz from Belgium who had a mobile chip stall. Fritz was first mentioned in 1857, and there is a photograph taken at the fun-fair in Liege in 1891 with signs “Fritz Le Doyen de la Friture” (Fritz, the Dean of Deep-frying) and “L’Inventeur des Frites” (The Inventor of Fries). In 1862, Fritz is mentioned in a handbook about Antwerp as having a chip kiosk near the train station. In 1889 a new restaurant opened in the Eiffel Tower – on the menu was “Les Frites Belge” (Belgian Fries).

Ingredients and Cooking Method

Select medium sized potatoes of good quality. Wash, then peel then rewash.

Cut into slices 1 cm thick. Now cut the slices into sticks 1 cm thick and maximum of 5 cm long.

Wash the sticks again in clear water and dry thoroughly.

Heat oil to 160 degrees and cook sticks for 5 to 6 minutes. Remove and drain and place on paper till required.

Now heat oil to 180 degrees (nearly smoking) and cook until the outside is crisp and golden. Remove and drain, season with salt and serve your Belgian Fries – the chip with history!