Chicken and Avocado pizza


Chicken is a very popular meat. Avocado is a very popular (and healthy) fruit (yes it is a fruit with a single seed). Pizza is always a family favorite. Combining all three makes for a win-win-win situation.

High avocado intake was shown in one preliminary study to lower blood cholesterol levels. Specifically, after a seven-day diet rich in avocados, mild hypercholesterolemia patients showed a 17 percent decrease in total serum cholesterol levels. These subjects also showed a 22 percent decrease in both LDL (harmful cholesterol) and triglyceride levels and 11 percent increase in HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels.

Cooking Method

Lightly grill the two chicken breasts then shred or cut into strips.

Heat oven to 425° F and place pizza bases on a baking sheet and bake for seven minutes.

In small bowl, combine tomato sauce and sea salt sprinkle and ground black pepper.

Spread pizza base with sauce; top with chicken and cheese.

Bake until crusts are crisp on the bottom, and the cheese has melted, 4 to 6 minutes longer. Now add the thinly sliced avocado and serve immediately.

Ingredients Serves 4
Small pizza bases 4
Chicken breast fillets 2
Tomato sauce 1 cup
Onion, finely chopped ½
Monterrey Jack cheese (or Mozzarella) 1 cup
Avocado, ripe, sliced 1
Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste
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