Do you want a dessert that literally melts in your mouth? One of the Amari’s previous executive assistant managers, Dominic Barth, suggested their Brownies.

“You haven’t had one of our Brownies?” said Pierre-Andre Pelletier, a previous G.M. of the Amari Orchid Resort, incredulously. “Never?” The experience he insisted I try was well worth it.

This little item is not too difficult to make, but you will need an oven. If you have not got that little item in your kitchen then all I can suggest is eating it at the Amari to see just how good it is!


Cooking method

Beat the eggs with sugar until white. Add the flour slowly to the egg and sugar mix, than add the baking powder and whisk together.

Melt the butter and chocolate slowly over a low heat, using a hot water bath to avoid local heating and burning. Now add this to the mixture add the caramelized walnuts and mix well.

Pour out into baking dishes and bake for one hour at 160 degrees.

To be really indulgent, serve with ice cream! Mmmmmmmmm!