Benihana’s Sake Tsutsumiyaki


Benihana’s Executive Chef Takabayashi san came up with Sake Tsutsumiyaki and gave me the recipe some years ago.

The cooking and preparation is very easy, and the result is sensational.  The final cooking time is around five minutes, and pre-cooking and preparation takes only around fifteen minutes.

Ingredients Serves 2
Salmon (fresh fillet) 400 gm
Potatoes 100 gm
Carrot 100 gm
Lemon wedge 2 pieces
White wine 4 tspns

Cooking method

Pre-cook the potatoes and carrot by boiling in water for 10 minutes.

Put one sheet of siliconized cooking paper on the bench and place the salmon fillet, lemon wedge, potatoes and carrot in the center.  Fold up the edges and pour the wine over the salmon.  Put another sheet of cooking paper over the top and fold the edges over to seal all four sides.

Takabayashi does this with simple folds, Khun Ocha suggests you can make life a little easier for yourself with folding and a stapler!

Now gently place the paper parcel on the hot plate (medium heat) and cook for five minutes.  If you have sealed the parcel correctly it will “balloon up” and you may have to turn down the heat if it is likely to burst!

After cooking, gently slice away the top layer of the parcel and serve directly from the parcel to a plate.