Bacon and Egg Avocado Breakfast


This is something quite exotic, but try it once and you will want to make it for every meal.  Use two avocado halves per person.

Ingredients         Serves 2
Avocados            2 cut in halves
Fried bacon, crumbled   4 slices
Fresh eggs          4


Cooking Method

Carefully choose the avocados.  A gentle squeeze should enable you to find ripe and ready to eat.  Do not use unripe avocados as they are too wooden.

Cut the avocados in half and extract the large seed by twisting the two halves.  On a baking dish make a bed of rock salt for the avocados so they will sit firmly, and place the four halves on the dish.

Now crack the eggs and pour into the avocado halves.  Try not to spill or break the yolk.  It may be easier to crack the eggs into a bowl and lift out the yolks individually.

Add the pieces of bacon to the top (or bacon bits) and place in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  You can adjust this based on how you like your eggs cooked.  Add some sea salt and ground black pepper and you have a magnificent and tasty breakfast.