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Classical Connections: A wandering voice

The title of course comes from William Wordsworth; he who wandered lonely as a cloud, composed upon Westminster Bridge, wrote poetry about nature and...

Thailand extends free flu-vaccination program until end of the year

Thailand’s National Health Security Board (NHSB) has extended the government’s free flu-vaccination program until the end of the year, to compensate for disruption caused...

Iraq signs first contract in 7 years to import Thai rice

The Thai Rice Mills Association has reported that Tanasan Rice Plc, a major Thai rice exporter, has recently signed a contract with Iraqi importers...

Thais to fill jobs left vacant by migrant workers

The Thai government aims to promote employment for Thais in industries facing labor shortages and is preparing to recruit Thais to fill more than...

Thailand requires more waste disposal channels

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has stated that Thailand’s waste disposal sites are groaning under 1,500 tons of infectious waste, which is likely to grow...