Looking for a good home


Hope for Strays Foundation was advised that a litter of 5 puppies was at risk in the Nongprue area. The local people wanted the dogs removed because they were digging in their garden. We moved two into our shelter but left the other three there in an attempt to catch the mother and have her spayed. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well. The mother, like a number of others we have tried to catch, disappears every time anyone shows up. They become phantoms, always out of range and usually out of sight.

The puppies, who are about 4 months old, have now had all of their vaccinations and are in excellent health. There are three females and 2 males. They should be medium sized dogs when full grown and get along well with other dogs.

As always, we are trying to find a home for these puppies. If you are interested in adopting one of these puppies or would like to see the other dogs we have available for adoption please contact us at hopeforstrays.org or by phone at 0891588345.