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Injured Finn rescued from blood-stained Pattaya apartment

PATTAYA, Thailand - In the early hours of February 27, residents of a Soi Bua Khao apartment complex alerted authorities to a troubling situation...

Road collision sparks chaotic brawl at Pattaya police station

PATTAYA, Thailand - Tensions flared outside the Pattaya City Police Station on February 27 as a minor traffic collision erupted into a chaotic brawl,...

Heroic citizens prevent tragedy on Pattaya pedestrian bridge

PATTAYA, Thailand – A dessert vendor en route to Sattahip, became an unexpected hero on February 27 as he intervened to prevent a potential...

Pattaya City, police unite to ease railway crossing congestion

PATTAYA, Thailand - In a concerted effort to address escalating road traffic congestion near railway crossings, Pattaya City authorities, led by Deputy Mayor Wuthisak...

30 nations unite for regional security in Cobra Gold 2024

RAYONG, Thailand - In a symbolic display of international collaboration and military prowess, the U-Tapao Airport in Rayong, Thailand, became the stage for the...