Water distribution system to solve drought crisis


BANGKOK, 26 April 2011 -The Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment has begun building the water distribution system across Thailand where water from frequently inundated areas will be drained to be supplied to drought stricken regions. 

Natural Resource and Environment Minister Suwit Khunkitti said farmers in over 49 provinces still suffered from water crisis despite the recent rains. The report further stated that the Western region did not have water in the dam compared to other regions. This has prompted the Ministry to formulate the water distribution system to solve the crisis. Pipes will be laid for the draining purpose where the overflows from the rivers are expected to fill up the dams.

The first phase will begin first in Isan region with the upper part expected to receive water next month while the lower region will be relieved of water shortage in October. Other regions of Thailand will follow suit accordingly.

In another effort to tackle water crisis in advance, the Department of Water Resources have coordinated with related agencies in delivering water to drought hit areas while also constructing wells of underground water in addition to other water resources. Meanwhile, over 1,000 local schools have been turned into water storages. Local authorities with responsibility over the supply will oversee water distribution in areas under their jurisdiction.