Thailand’s corruption index sinks 14 notches


BANGKOK, 4 December 2013 Thailand’s corruption index fell 14 notches in 2013. The country has just been ranked 88th, down from last year’s 102nd ranking position. 

Transparency International, an organization responsible for the corruption ranking of countries worldwide, has revealed its 2013 corruption ranking. A score of 0-100 is designated to each country – with 0 signifying the most corrupt and 100 being the most transparent.

Out of 177 countries monitored, Thailand has been ranked 102nd this year, plunging from the previous year’s 88th place.

Results have shown that 2/3 of the countries rated this year received scores of 50 or more in their transparency rankings – with Denmark and New Zealand being the most transparent, with equal scores of 91, whereas Afghanistan, North Korea, and Syria have been ranked lowest, receiving equal scores of only 8.

ASEAN countries that received more than 50 points included Singapore with 86 points at 5th place; Brunei with 60 points at 38th place; and Malaysia with 50 points at 53rd place.