Thailand’s Amata B. Grimm to build 10 power plants for Bt50 billion


of Thailand (EGAT) which supplies power to more than 800 industrial plants nationwide.

To satisfy foreign investor demand, the country’s transportation system, facilities, infrastructure and electricity supply must be ready, she said, insisting on the urgency to expand power plants to feed the industrial sector.

The group currently produces 500 megawatts (MW) of electricity under a Small Power Producer (SPP) purchase agreement with EGAT. The remaining electricity and steam are sold to about 300 plants in the three industrial estates.

The 10 new power plants are scheduled for completion in 2019. The 16 plants will have a combined production capacity of 2,000 mw to be supplied to over 800 industrial plants in six industrial estates, Ms Priyanart said.

EGAT Governor Suthas Patamasiriwat said domestic power consumption has been rising rapidly for several years, particularly in the industrial sector.

Thailand’s power demand reached its peak of 26,121MW on April 26 this year, an increase of 9.3 per cent from the previous year and it is predicted that the demand will be greater to 26,950 MW next year, he said, adding that the nation’s electricity demand will be as high as 53,000 mw in 2010.

The multiplied power demand has compelled the Energy Ministry to ensure sufficient power supply through several means: production by EGAT, purchase of power from domestic and foreign producers and encouraging production by independent and small power producers.