Thailand denies dumping rice in Indonesian market


BANGKOK, Feb 22 – The Thai Commerce Ministry has categorically denied a report that Thailand has dumped rice on the Indonesian market at cut-rate prices.

Surasak Riangkrul, Foreign Trade Department director general, said Thailand has never sold rice to Indonesia at lower prices.

He was referring to a statement by his Indonesian counterpart Bachrul Chairi who said there was an indication that Thai rice suppliers dumped rice exports in Indonesia, but he did not provide details of volumes or companies.

Mr Surasak stood firm that Thailand has never sold rice at low prices to Indonesia in the last few years, adding that the allegations were aimed at tarnishing the reputations of the Thai government and Commerce Ministry.

Some countries have reportedly threatened to file charges with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against Thailand’s market dumping.

Mr Surasak said they had the right to do so but he doubted they had any concrete evidence to press charges.

The Foreign Trade Department is ready to compile information and evidence to clarify to the WTO, he said.