THAI to focus on ‘Thailand branding’ strategy


BANGKOK, Oct 9 – The new president of Thai Airways International (THAI) says the national flag carrier will focus on a new strategy of ‘Thailand branding’ to improve services by combining ‘Thai-ness’ in the airline’s services.

President Sorajak Kasemsuvan said THAI’s 2013 operations plan will be complete by year end. He will meet with THAI’s board of directors on Friday.

The ‘Thailand branding’ strategy is to improve services by bringing together the country’s selling points such as on offers on natural tourist destinations, Thai smiles, and Thai food.

He said he would also like to see Thailand’s One Tambon (subdistrict) One Product (OTOP) products offered for sale on the airline’s aircraft.

Mr Sorajak said these factors will help increase income in the future, particularly when a new fleet of up to 40 aircraft, both new and refurbished planes, will be available next year.

The strategy includes opening new routes in ASEAN markets as well as in China, India, and Russia, where the THAI president said will be opportunities for the national carrier to expand its business.

Mr Sorajak said he could not commit to what level of profit he might generate for the airline.

In apparent response to rumour, he denied that he assumed the helm of THAI as a result of political interference.