Thai shrimp industry expected to rebound in 2014


BANGKOK, Dec 18 — Thailand’s shrimp industry will see a gradual improvement in 2014 after the industry was hard hit by the Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) epidemic resulted in a decline of more than 50 per cent in volume.

Thai Shrimp Association President Somsak Paneetatayasai reported that the country’s shrimp production has decreased by 54 per cent from 550,000 tonnes in 2012 to 250,000 tonnes this year due to the EMS epidemic. The reduced production has led to a 38 per cent reduction in exports and a 29 per cent drop in sales volume.

Mr Somsak said other shrimp producing countries faced a decline of about 11 per cent as they battled the EMS epidemic.

However, by focusing on improving farming methods to deal with the fatal shrimp disease coupled with improved cooperation between public and private sectors would likely boost shrimp volume to 300,000-320,000 tonnes next year.