Thai rice promotional event to be organized in Japan


BANGKOK, 8 May 2014 – The Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) will take part in the Thai Festival in Shibuya District of Tokyo, Japan, next week from May 15th – 19th, in the department’s bids to expose Thailand’s Jasmine fragrant rice in the Japanese market. 

Mr. Surasak Riengkrue, the DFT Director General, said that the venue, Yoyogi Public Park in Shibuya, is a well known rendezvous, and would perfectly serve the purpose of publicizing the kingdom’s famous grains. He said there will be ad campaigns in Japanese, whereas officials will hand out to passersby leaflets and DVDs featuring Thai dish menu that use Jasmine rice as the main ingredient. The Director General is confident that the campaign will be well-received by the local consumers.

The DFT will place emphasis on the grain’s quality and health benefits, while stressing the fact that the grain can be consumed together with Japanese rice.

The Director General stated Thai rice still has a chance to penetrate the Japanese market, claiming that the grain is popular among Japanese residing in various Asian nations, despite the fact that Japan is capable of producing its own stock.