THAI president to propose 500 million baht incentive-allowance budget to board


BANGKOK, 22 January 2013  As a way to settle the demand from his employees, Thai Airways International President Sorajak Kasemsuvan has stated that he will propose a 500-million baht extra diligence allowance to the board meeting.

Mr Sorajak said that the Labor Union Leader has met with the executive board and acknowledged the company’s performance, bonus value, and how the company calculates the bonus. However, the union still demanded that the board increase the incentive-allowance budget to 500 million baht up from the 200 million initially earmarked for employees’ bonus. He said that this issue will be discussed during the board meeting on February 8th.

According to the THAI President, the union was satisfied with the discussion and promised not to stage any more strike until the day the board met. The labor union leader also apologized to THAI passengers for causing delays and inconveniences to them. Mr Sorajak said employees on strike on Saturday would not face any action.