Thai Premier assures Japanese investors of 2-trillion-baht project


BANGKOK, 5 April 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has assured Japanese investors of Thailand’s 2-trillion-baht infrastructure project, saying the project will facilitate investments in the country. 

Prime Minister Yingluck has met with Mr. Yoshihisa Kainuma, Chief Executive Officer of Minebea Co. Ltd., the company which has been investing in Thailand for over 30 years; with approximately 18 billion baht worth of registered capital. During the meeting, the Thai Premier expressed her appreciation for the commitment of the company, which she said has created domestic employment and been part of the country’s economic growth. Ms Yingluck has assured the Minebea CEO that the implementation of the 2-trillion-baht mega project will facilitate foreign investments, as the nation’s logistics system will be greatly upgraded. Ms Yingluck has also said the Thai government will give its full support to the Japanese firm, and hopes that the economic partnership of both parties will continue.

Mr Kainuma , in return, expressed his gratitude to the Thai Premier and said the company would continue its investment in the country, as Thailand was its main production base. In addition, the company was planning to spend around 3 billion baht to purchase new machines and equipment to replace those destroyed by flooding nearly two years ago. It would also build flood walls and an electric power substation to accommodate its future production plan.

However, the CEO expressed his concerns over the strong baht and wanted the government to take control over the situation, while Ms Yingluck said the government would do its best to help businesses cope with the problem.


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