Thai PM convinces business leaders there will be no flood crisis


DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 28 — Thai Prime Minister has convinced international business leaders that Thailand has prepared plans to prevent future flood crises and that the country has potential to be centre of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ready to offer investment privileges.

Ms Yingluck was attending the 42th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland and took the opportunity to regain confidence of leaders and investors in Thailand after last year’s flood crisis.

On Saturday, Ms Yingluck met business leaders and CEOs under the topic of “Public-Private Interaction on Thailand” to seek ways to develop Thailand’s economic potential and policy on water management and long term reform measures in Thailand.

The Thai premier has informed top executives that the Thai government realised investors’ concern over the massive flood crisis last year so the government has systematically laid down water management plans to assure to foreign business people that the government could handle the flood situation and that there would be no future flood crisis.

A Single Command Authority would be set up to integrate directives on water management to effectively handle the flood crisis, as US$11 billion budget was set aside to repair and build infrastructure–including dykes–and for disaster forecasting, she said.

Ms Yingluck said that the flood crisis in Thailand last year has shrunk Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth by 2 per cent but strong economic sentiment could help rebound to GDP growth of 5 per cent.

The country’s financial and fiscal status remained healthy, as foreign exchange reserves were high, with public debt-to-GDP ratio at about 40 per cent of GDP, she said.

The government has adhered to an investment promotion policy by creating a free and competitive atmosphere, and would cut corporate income tax to 20 per cent next year, she said, adding that the government would also dismantle obstacles for companies who wished to set up their regional headquarters in Thailand.

Therefore, Thailand would be considered a good potential business location, as it was a strategic location for ASEAN, and when the ASEAN Community commences in 2015, the mobilisation of goods, service, investment, and labour would flow freely in the region.