State measures to ease soaring cost of living on drawing board


BANGKOK, 25 May 2012  – The government will likely introduce more measures to help consumers shoulder the soaring cost of living. 

Commerce Ministry Permanent Secretary Yanyong Phuangrach, who chairs the state-appointed sub-committee on ready-to-eat foods, said that the committee has been discussing the details of its policy, which is aimed at controlling prices of this item, as instructed by the Cabinet.

Mr. Yanyong said that, as a start, the committee will likely recommend the implementation of price suggestion or price cap policies for ready-to-eat meals in some areas, such as office buildings and department store-located food centers.

In addition to the price suggestion or price cap measures, the committee is planning to indicate the dishes that will be included in the list of price-controlled goods.

However, the Commerce Ministry Permanent Secretary maintained that the price control policy will not have to be enforced on foods sold via hawkers due to the fact that their prices are usually low.

He went on to say that the Commerce Ministry is now considering other additional measures to help ease the impact of higher living cost, such as the monitoring of ingredient prices and related expenses, which will work effectively alongside the price control policy.

Mr. Yanyong said that all the details, once ready, will be reviewed by Deputy Prime Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong before being presented to the Cabinet for a final decision as to whether or not ready-to-eat foods should be included in the list of price-controlled items.