Special Report: SIPA prepares software entrepreneurs for AEC


The Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) is holding “TICTA Expo 2012”, hoping to prepare Thai software entrepreneurs for the ASEAN integration into the AEC. SIPA suggested that the Thai software industry adds uniqueness, difference, and creativity in its segment. 

SIPA Director Trairat Chatkaew has said that the software industry has been playing an important role in the ASEAN community. It is also a part of the society, culture, and national stability. Mr. Trairat has therefore urged all Thai software entrepreneurs not to over look the importance of the industry.

SIPA has recently organized a seminar called “TICTA Expo 2012” under the concept of “Strategies for AEC”. The seminar is aimed at raising the standard of the Thai software industry to a higher level and ready local entrepreneurs for the intense competitions expected when the AEC is formed.

The SIPA director added that “creativity” is an important element in the development of the industry. Creativity has to be given greater focus than in the past when most software businesses were emphasizing on production, which was wrong. He stressed on the importance of innovation in order to meet the needs of a modern life style. Mr. Trairat raised as an example the “online film”, which, he said, is a low-budget movie, but makes a lot of money.

He revealed further that top software products in the ASEAN region are animations, games, e-learning, and creative media. These markets have seen a continuous growth and made a large amount of money.

He also mentioned about the formation of the AEC, saying its establishment is aimed at increasing the region’s power of negotiation with the superpowers like the United States and the European Union, and not meant to raise competitions within the region. He therefore suggested that the Thai entrepreneurs should pitch in with more cooperation with other ASEAN members.