SMEs to thrive in the latter half of this year


BANGKOK, 21 Juy 2011-Deputy Vice President of the Thai Military Bank, Benjarong Suwannakiri, said SMEs would pick up in the latter half of this year particularly in the auto and auto part businesses. The auto industry in Thailand will return to its glorious days as Japan is recuperating fast from the quake. 

According to Mr. Benjarong, the demand for cars is on the rise which will lay a strong foundation for SMEs to thrive in the second half of this year. In addition to the auto industry, tourism business is also on an upward trend. The number of visitors is expected to go higher than 9.69 million reported earlier this year given the political stability after the election.

However, he is showing concerns for wood furniture, garment and jewelry businesses, granted that they have some limitations to compete in the market. They could be affected by interest rates and rising cost of production.