SIPA to build online data base for Jewelry industry


BANGKOK, 18 June 2013 The Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA), together with the The Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), has created an opensource platform that links to an online database of jewelry and ornament industry. 

Director General of SIPA Trairat Chatkaew said that the project was initiated as part of the campaign to lift the nation’s technological competency in tourism, logistics, food and agriculture, medincine, and jewelry.

Mr. Trairat said that the platform includes “E-MarketPlace for Thailand Jewelry hub”, “ERP For Jewelry Manufacturing and retail”, “Point of Sales on Windows Platform”, and “Customer Relation Management”. He added that all the four software systems are designed to close the technological gaps previously faced by the jewelry industry.

According to the SIPA head, the 4 systems in the platform share such information as customers list, prices, and details of goods. He boasts the simplified ecosystem utilizes the use of Web Services via cloud computing.

Director Trairat also emphasized the opensource nature of the platform, welcoming other developers to further enhance and customize the 4 systems to suit specific needs.

Meanwhile, ATSI president Somporn Maneeratanakul stated that the local jewelry industry is a major income earner of the country with an apparent consistent growth. He said that, currently, there are two types of software that the industry is deploying; one is the software developed by foreign software producers used by bigger companies, and the other is the commercialized software commonly used by medium and smaller sized companies.

Nonetheless, Mr. Somporn said that the local jewelry software business is still at a preliminary stage which means further nurturing and promotion are needed, adding that promoting the use of industrial specific platform of software would pave a new path to create a long term stability for the local software market.