Shrimp farmers demand government action on falling shrimp prices


SONGKHLA, April 23 – Small-scale shrimp farmers in the southern province of Songkhla urged the government to address the problem of low shrimp prices, and threatened to close a bridge if their demand is not met.

Shrimp producers, suffering losses due to low prices in the marketplace, set a Friday (April 27) deadline for the government to help guarantee shrimp prices or to initiate a mortgage plan.

Preecha Sookkasem, a shrimp farmer in Singhanakhon district said he was forced to sell his immature shrimp at the low price of 165 baht per kilogramme, dropping from 215 baht per kilo since February to prevent further losses from carrying  the costto feed the shrimps.

After selling all shrimps, he said he would suspend raising new baby shrimps to prevent losses and to wait for the government’s help.

Representatives of small-scale shrimp farmers in eight southern provinces last week issued an ultimatum to the government to respond to their request by April 27, otherwise they will block  Songakhla’s Tinsulanonda Bridge.