SACICT targets arts & craft exports at USD800 mil


BANGKOK, 29 April 2012 – The SUPPORT Arts and Craft International Center of Thailand (SACICT) has set the target to export art and handicraft products worth 800 million US dollars this year and expects to boost the value to USD1 billion in 2015 by utilizing raw materials and know-how from members in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

SACICT Director-General Pimpapan Charnsilp has disclosed that the center has set the 2012 export goal for its art and handicraft products at USD800 million, compared to the global value of USD63.2 billion in this trade. In order to achieve the goal, the center is determined to create an added value to its products and packaging by applying new designs and creativity as well as promote domestic and overseas marketing plans as a way to strengthen its sale networks.

Additionally, the SACICT is expecting that in 2015, art and craft exports will reach USD1 billion with the opening of the AEC in the year which will become sources of raw materials and knowledge for the development of Thai handicraft products. The estimated global value of trade in arts and crafts in 2015 stands as high as USD72.74 billion.

Thailand is one of the world’s top ten exporters of arts and crafts. Currently, China holds the highest export value at over USD10 billion/year, followed by Hong Kong and Belgium. Meanwhile, the world’s largest importer of this product group is USA (USD6 billion/year), followed by Germany (USD2 billion/year) and UK (USD1.6 billion/year).

Thailand’s major export markets for tableware and kitchenware include USA, Japan, UK, Germany and Australia. At the same time, USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and UK are major customers for gifts and souvenirs. As for Thai furniture and complements, the largest importers are Japan, USA, UK, Australia and Indonesia.