Rubber planters in the South set up provincial working groups to provide correct data on rubber situation for government consideration


SURAT THANI, 29 October 2014  Representatives of rubber farmers’ organizations in the southern region have resolved to set up a working group in each province to compile uniform information on rubber and present it to the government for assistance.

Fifty representatives of rubber growers met on Thursday to find solutions to low rubber prices which have put them in financial difficulties.

Sawake Thongkate, president of Surat Thani’s Rubber Fund Cooperatives and many other representatives believed that the information used by the government in tackling the rubber price problem was supplied by a group of people claimed to be rubber growers. They said the data presented in the media was also misreported.

Therefore, the meeting agreed to set up a working group in each province to collect the right data from rubber growers and submit it to government officials responsible for providing assistance to rubber growers.